A+ Attention to More Than Just a Loan

Some lenders don’t want to hear the reason behind your need for a loan. They’ll simply ask for your credit history, look for any scars, and stamp it “approved” or “not approved.” Even without taking your personal reasons into consideration, this process still might take days. 
At A+ Loans, we reserve the right to offer anyone we deem fit a loan. Our business is self-funded through the Jurgensmeyer and Painter families; we don’t answer to any other financial institution. We are committed to helping our Oklahoma loan seeker neighbors find the funds they need quickly and with added services attached.
Those who walk through our doors seek loan assistance, but they often leave with much more. After reviewing each client’s application, we determine whether or not we’ll be able to extend the loan. That’s just the first part of the process. Banks stop there – but for us, it’s just the beginning of assisting the customer.
If you are securing a loan to pay off existing debts, expect us to sit down with you and help you itemize your expenses. Some people benefit greatly from this experience, discovering that they are actually spending hundreds of dollars more than their monthly paychecks. Others find renewed interest in the budgeting process, and pledge to keep track of even the small purchases that add up to large sums of money owed.
We are proud to report financially responsible clients to credit bureaus, thus increasing their scores and helping them live better lives.
It’s all just a part of the A+ promise. 


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